Monday, February 21, 2011

The Living Wall

Vertical gardens are blowing up (and completely blowing my mind)!  I spent most of last night researching them; indoor, outdoor, ornamental, agricultural, small scale, grandiose, private, public, eco-minded, conceptual, ect.  If you're interested in learning more, here are a few articles to get you started:

- DLF (a non-profit educational site) reviews 15 different different gardens, including a 43 foot vegetation covered puppy sculpture by Jeff Koons. 
Barefoot Floor's blog features some stunning interior garden walls and a couple buildings with a green exterior.
- If you're a New Yorker, check out Convert.   They specialize in sky gardens.  Their projects, from Park Ave. to Park Slope are stunning.  Plus, these green roof's garner a serious tax break!
- Also cool is window farming, made famous by Brooklynite Britta Riley.  Read more about her veggie crop on NPR.
- And, if you're considering a living wall of your own, check out vertical planting units at A Plus, The Green Head or visit the Window Farms site.

Top Photos:
- Garden Window illustration from the Window Farms Project
- Hydroponic window crops found on the NPR site

Bottom photos, left to right:
- The Musee du quai Branley, Paris
- Restaurant at the Pershing Hall Hotel, Paris
- Department store BVH Homme, Paris

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