Friday, February 25, 2011

Four for Friday

You didn't think that I would leave you without a FfF post, did you?  Please.  Parents-in-town or no parents-in-town, you are getting your four!

- I was searching for a raw cheesecake recipe and came across the site Manifest: Vegan.  It is, hands down, my new favorite food blog.   All vegan, all gluten free, all types of food.  Each recipe sounds more delicious that the last.  And the photos...  ooooh the photos!
- Quite possibly the coolest wallpaper ever.  Wall and Deco has so many other amazing patterns too.  Check out the collection; namely Alphabet Swirl, Svalbard, and Losting Map.
- The blog Sketchbook is so darn cute, I can barely stand it!  It's an illustrative journal, cataloging the daily events of  Denise Holmes life.  Simple in concept, adorably exectuted, and thoroughly addicting.
- Two fabulous worlds collide!  Joanna from A Cup of Joe was stay-cationing this week (just like me!!!) and she had the incredible Diana from Miss Moss guest posting.  Go check them out, her posts are so fun.  Her "Things I like Right Now" is great; The Beatles' Michelle! Steven Allen! Bicycle Portraits!

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  1. fun...
    i love the blog sketchbook!! thanks so much for the intro