Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday, Rainy Monday

How was your weekend?  I had lots of fun.  It was gloomy and misty and warm and humid and just basically gross.  But besides icky weather, it was a fun weekend.  I had tasty brunches, courtesy of Curlys and Bagel Smith.  I got to visit with my cousin who was passing through NYC for a day.  The BF and I ran in to a couple friends whilst wandering Brooklyn (that's always nice).  We went to a vegetarian festival in Union Square.  We watched a lot of Netflix movies on the couch.  And... I ate a lot of home-made vegan ice cream.  The BF broke out his new Cuisinart (which has been named "Little Icy") and put it to work.  He made Coffee, Vanilla, and Chocolate-Peppermint.  They were yum.  I'll have to tell you more (much more) some other time though.

For now, happy Monday!  Wherever you are, I hope your week looks bright!!!  (NYC looks like this- ew)

Print from Carambatak Design, more cute illustrations for sale on Etsy

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