Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ice Cold, Green Goodness

Last weekend I did a little reminiscing... one year ago I moved into my beautiful new apartment.  I was also suffering the tortures of our first heat wave of the year.  Temps hovering at 90.  Running boxes up 5 stories for about 5 hours.  Then days upon days of  unpacking boxes in a one bedroom oven.  I shudder to remember; no air conditioning and 4 stories of heat, rising into my little closet of an apartment.  That's about the time I started making smoothies for dinner.  That hot, sweaty memory continues to haunt me, and I know it's only a matter of time until we get our first heat of the season.  When the heat hits, these nutritious smoothies will appear on my supper menu.  Some of the ingredient sound a little off, but each smoothie gets rave reviews.  I'm game to try!

Left to right:
- Banana, peach, mango and spinach smoothie from Linda Wagner
- Mango, squash and peanut butter smoothie from Baking Bird
- Spinach, grape and coconut smoothie from Real Simple

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