Friday, May 6, 2011

Four for Friday

Friday!  It's here again!  I'm off to the Metropolitan Museum to marvel at Alexander McQueen's genius.  Tonight should be fun too.  I'll be at a show; it's been forever since I saw live music!  Can't wait to dance around with the BF : )

Have a wonderful weekend, angels!  See you Monday.

- This photo shoot featured on Snippet & Ink (for Martha Stewart Weddings) is so gorgeous. Just the title, Wild Greenhouse sends me into a tail spin. Hothouse blooms all tangled up? Yes please! There are loads of incredible photos, go check them out!!!
- Are you a paper freak?  A graphic design nut?  If you even have the smallest affinity for well deigned paper products check out the blog Lovely Stationary.
- Desserts for Breakfast is filled with super-duper-totally-yummy looking baked treats.  While you may not want to eat them for breakfast, I promise, you will still want to eat them.  I want to eat them now!  Right now!  Nom nom nom : ) 
- Blanca Monros Gomez jewelry is so cool!  I love her edgy twist on classics, like this diamond solitaire.  Her pieces are delicate and feminine, elegant but not pristine.  Well designed and hand made.  Unique.  Beautiful.


  1. Your blog brings me so much joy :)

  2. Alexandra,
    Thank you so much! I like your's too- The Granny Chapter is the cutest name for a blog!!! I love the bunny pics and your crochet work : )