Friday, May 27, 2011

Four for Friday

Enjoy your long weekend, dearest readers!  See you next week.

- Jelly Shot Test Kitchen is crazy..  And actually... I LOVE IT.    Kinda weird cuz 1) I don't get down with gelatin and 2) even if I did, I'm not really a jello-shooter-type.  They remind me of UCLA house parties.  And dirty carpet.  And that makes me feel yucky.  But I digress.  So, even though Jelly Shot Test Kitchen has 2 strikes against it, I'm still a fan.  Basically because I love the way Jell-o looks and the photos on this blog are aaaaaawh-sooooome.  I'm thinking about giving a couple recipes a shot. Using agar flakes, of course.  (Thanks Elephantine for the link!)
- The Burning House is such an interesting project.  I think I may have done the same type of thing in school, as a kid.  Do you ever think about which items you'd save?  I love looking at what objects people treasure.  It's a little like peeking into a diary!
- Lottie & Doof is my new fave foodie hangout.  I love that author Tim Mazurek cooks up delectable comfort dishes focusing on whole food-centric recipes.  Everything looks so good.  I want to jump through my screen and into Mazurek's kitchen.  (And eat this all summer long!) 
- Rue is out, in it's fifth issue!  Spring/Summer issues of online design magazines were scientifically proven to be the best season of publication.  Yeah!  Okay, no.  I just made that up.  But seriously, it's really good.  Go read Rue!!!

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