Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I'm a total 'list maker'.  I make lists for everything.  I draft at least a few a day.  Organizing thoughts on paper (or mobile device) gives me a sense of peace, I guess.  I also find that once I write down a task to complete I'm far more likely to get it done.

A couple weeks ago my BF and I put together our 'summer list'.  It's filled with weekend and day trips along with some fun, unusual and touristy things to do in NYC.  After the 'summer list' was complete (it's always open to revisions and additions!) I was thinking long term... what do I want to see and do?  So, I made a long-term travel list.

I've never made a life-time travel list before.  Mostly, I think it was out of fear.  Like, "What if I never visit any of the places on my list?  What if I don't get to visit them all?  What if I visit a place that I've been dreaming of for years and then I hate it?!!!"  But that's just silliness, I decided.  Now I've got a travel outline and I feel one step closer to traversing the world round.

Do you have a travel 'bucket list' of sorts?  What are your top three spots to see?

Morocco was one of the first countries on my list.  These photos are from 101 Layer Cake.  Doesn't the rugged desert beauty and mixture of cultural influences look exciting?  Romantic too! 

Photos by Andreas Holm

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