Friday, May 13, 2011

Four for Friday

Enjoy these four!  See you all on Monday!!!

- Check out this sweet wedding on Ruffled. There are so many things I love. Firstly, it takes place in Adelaide, Australia. Ugh, don't you love that name?!!! Adelaide. It just sounds amazing. And of course, all things Australian are wonderful. But seriously, this wedding is so hip; an all-vegan dessert bar, the quartet of bride's maids in polka dot pastels, the fleet of cream colored Volkswagen buses! Go check it out.
- I love the online store, Our Shop. They have too many beautiful office supplies and household wares. These handmade mango wood bowls for instance, gor-gee-ous! They've also got some cute trinkets and fun stuff for kiddies.
- Check out Design Sponge for this great featurette on artist Lupe Nunen-Fernandez. Her inky, gestural paintings are full of character. This little corgi is by far my favorite. Isn't he cute?!!!
- Bash Please is full of inspiration. They're a two-gal team that offers full-service event planning. These ladies are creative and they do it all. There is so much craftiness going on- you will be blown away.  These pics are from the nuptials for Barbie and Ken.  Real names.  No joke.  How awesome is that?!!! 

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