Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bata Shoe Museum

Fittingly, this post will fall just after the Met museum post.  I guess I'm surfing a museum-enthusiast wave.

Anyway.  I just discovered the coolest thing- a shoe museum.  Shoes people!  Shoes!  An entire museum dedicated to shoes.  Unfortunatly, the Bata Shoe Museum is nowhere near me.  It's located in Toronto.  But when I do make it up to Canada one of these days, the Bata will be on my touring list!  Since I don't foresee a trip up there in the near future, I'm web stalking a few current exhibits; mainly Native American Footwear (oooh, pretty moccasins!) and The Roaring Twenties!  I wish there were more images.  Boo!

Has anyone out there ever visited the Bata?  Do you guys know of any shoe museums in the US?  Anyone seen a shoe exhibit lately?  The Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty show had some great shoes.  Wink, wink : )

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