Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Reading & Waiting

My sister and I are holed up in our apartment for the second and a half day.  But we are safe, flood free, and with electricity in our corner of Brooklyn.  We are thinking of all the people in the North East that are not as lucky and wishing them the best.

I've been getting a lot of reading in.   I started making a list of thing I was interested in, but wanted to learn more about.  It's a little random and includes among other subjects; the weather, European political history and the English language.

I just finished the Psychopath Test last weekend and started Our Magnificent Bastard Tongue.  Also waiting in the wings are The Guns of August, The Master of Disguise, and The Mask of Sanity.  What your favorite books?  Fiction?  Non-fiction?  I love comments and need more suggestions.  Collecting books is pretty much my favorite thing to do : )

I shared this post this a while ago; it included my most favorite books. Here are a few more...

The Story of English in 100 Words is an easy and entertaining read about our unique and ever-changing language.  You'll learn a ton of fun facts and it isn't laborious or overly scholastic.

The Chronicles of Narnia is a series I will never, ever outgrow.  And not just The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  All 7 books- you must read all of them!

Great Expectations is my favorite Dickens novel; complete with dark mystery, tragedy, romance and redemption.  It's lengthy but engrossing!

All Creatures Great and Small is a must-read for any animal enthusiast.  It was the first Herriot novel I read and it's a sure hook!   I've read almost all his work now.  Warning: Herriot novels make me cry (a lot), be forewarned.  Carry a tissue.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is actually on my re-read list.  I read it shortly after moving to New York.  But, since I've actually been living in Francie's neighborhood of South Williamsburg for the past 5 years I'm excited to read it with setting familiarity now.

Photo by Kaitie Bryant, found on Brooklyn Bride

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