Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Here, There, Everywhere

I'm so sorry for my unannounced hiatus.  It wasn't planned!  And (obviously) I was unprepared.  My j-o-b went loony all of a sudden; I worked the weekend and have pulled a few 14 hour days.  I haven't escaped the madness quite yet; it will probably be another couple weeks until I can chill out.  If I go missing again, appologies!  I'll be back again as soon as possible!

Some things that are not so lame-o... Fall is mucho cool.  In the amazingly awesome way and temperature wise too.  Leather and wine are hot.  Be an animal lover and buy faux.  Be a chic/lush; wear and drink without abashment.  : )

Blair deputes two w-ersions here.  Both casual and dressy looks utilize all the same wardrobe pieces.  Check out Atlantic Pacific to find where to pick up all her great pieces.

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