Friday, October 12, 2012

Four for Friday

We were planning to camp last weekend.  And then the weather went to heck, plus I had to work.  So this weekend, camping trip is on.  I'm super duper excited (as always).  Reservations booked. Checklist out.  I'm pulling supplies from closets and rounding up my outdoorsy clothes.  We're making an early break for the Catskills tomorrow morning.  It's going to be a brief jaunt into the wilderness.  But a much needed escape and vay-cay for the sweet BF and I.

Hope you're weekend whisks you away as well.  Even if it only for a momentary adventure.  Have fun, see you back this neck of the woods on Monday!

Gorgeous place cards for your autumnal fête!

Major love for Vince right now.  Want this and this and this.

The highs and lows of fashion weeks as told by Garance.  Too funny! (image from this post)

Mmm, garden grown cocktails. (Kitchn cocktail pictured)

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