Friday, October 19, 2012

Four for Friday

Hey guys, happy Friday.  I'm in overdrive; trying to get more than a ton done (so I don't have to work tomorrow).  Besides that... I'm mulling over Halloween costume ideas, planning on really doing some work around the house this weekend, and getting ready to send-off the BF.  He is leaving tomorrow on a cross-country road trip!  Sounds so fun and exciting, wish I could go!

- Crushing on every single stationary item over at Baum-Kuchen.
- Dying over this adorable Gingiber foxy table-top calender.  Seriously too cute!
- French style will never cease to tempt and taunt my pocketbook.  Love the sweaters from Swildens.
- Wow-now.  This heart-stopping fig & chocolate bunt from Call Me Cupcake looks in-cred-ible.

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