Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Run Around

Hope y'all had a super fab weekend.  I did, I did!  Road trip to Philly was  a blast.  Saw Looper.  Way cool.  Made friends with a 2 month old yorkie.  Heart melted.  Completely.  Then the BF and I rescued a little kitten from traffic.  I did loads (and loads) of laundry.  Yay for productiveness!  And I also did a food truck run for dinner last night.  My favey, Cinna Snail was parked in my hood!

But now it's Monday.

I've got a busy day of vendor meetings; going to be hopping around NYC from dawn to dusk.  Exhaust-ify-ing.  Gotta run.  See you dearies t'marra!

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