Friday, September 28, 2012

Four for Friday

September is basically oveh. Yikes, stripes! Time flies. I'm so ready to soak up the weekend... I'm taking another figure drawing class tonight at NYAA. Gonna make it a habit! Tomorrow, the BF and I are driving to Philly to pick up some furniture. We're going to make a stop at our favorite veg-friendly pub, Royal Tavern. And Sunday... well, I've got a bunch of apples waiting to turned into tarts and cakes and sauces and all sorts of yummy concoctions!

- Colorful earthy jewelry. Perfect for now but truly season-less.

- Loafers are the it shoe of fall. I already own some patent croco Sperry's but I'm pining over the pair pictured.

- In case you need to make yummy fall-inspired dishes, A Cozy Kitchen has some good lookin' options.

 - Get the skinny on why brunette is oh-so-right for autumn. Plus, how to pick a great shade. (I'm thinking of going just a touch darker like the gal in the photo!)

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