Monday, September 24, 2012

First Fall Weekend

Happy Monday and welcome back!  Today is one of those amazingly beautiful autumn Mondays, where I reeeeealy wish I was unemployed.  Or semi-employed.  Or just playing hooky from employment.  It's so perfect out there, that it's nearly killing me!  I can't wait until lunch time... a long walk around Flatiron and Union Square is on the agenda! 

The weekend was gorgeous too; apple picking was fun, fun, fun.  (See, that's us cracking up on the left.  Apple high!)  My sister already started baking.  I'm planning some tofu-sour cream apple tarts and a vegan version of this bundt.  On the topic of produce... my sis and I are also thinking about joining this CSA.  It will help us eat loads more veggies.  I also love the idea of supporting local farming.  Plus I met the farm owner and she seemed so awesome- enthusiastic and incredibly generous.  I've always been curious about CSAs, do tell me if you have any experience or advice!

All images by my sweetheart BF

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