Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kathryn Elyse Rodgers

Check out these calender girls! What pretty fashion illustrations.  They're the handwork of 'Katie' Rodgers, a designer at Reebok up in Boston. 

Now, the last thing I need is a calender.  Gracious knows how many I've got... phone, home computer, work computer, hard copy at work...  I recycled 3 gifted 2011 agendas before the year even started!

On the other hand, this one is full of so many beautiful watercolors that it's really more of a booklet than calender (or at least that's how I could rationalize this purchase).  True, I could just buy a few prints.  But it's so much better having the collection!!!  While pondering, I'm going to head to Katie's blog,  and hop around at her Etsy store just a little longer.  Come check them out too!

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