Friday, January 21, 2011

How to: French Twist

Yes.  It's true.  Last night I Googled, "How to French Twist".  For years I've been unsure... Am I not twisting it up correctly? Is my hair type wrong?  Is my hair cut wrong?  Do I need a different type of hair pin?  Do I need some other hair product?  All of these queries proceeded a pleading, "Why can't I do this?!!!" and an urge to pull out my locks by the root.   Defeat followed next; a bitter mix of disappointment and irritation at my complete failure.  Then enter: hasty ballet bun (or a painfully basic ponytail) and a move-on to some other distracting task.

But now, I have the answer (watch the video here)!

Photo found on Hip Hip Gin Gin

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