Friday, January 28, 2011

Goodbye January

It's Friday, we made it!  The weekend is here, and it's the last one in January!

I've been looking forward to this weekend for a while, because on Sunday I'm meeting up with a big group of college buddies.  We're doing our annual (three years in a row!) Chinese New Year want-some-dim-sum-get-together.  I'm a huge fan of anything dumpling-ed, so bring it on China Town!!!

What more is in the weekend works?

- Some research on hand-made Valentine's cards... it's almost V-day people!
- I'd like to swing by the Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen, to try something tasty.
- Hopefully I'll make it to Saturday's burlesque drawing.  It's been a year since I attended Dr. Sketchy's!
- It's birthday shopping time for a soon-to-be-fire-fighter sibling of mine.  He's turning 25 next week : )
- And, I owe someone very sweet* a pie.  Perhaps this one, veganized.

*My BF put in 4 (very large) sets of window blinds at my place.  And surprised me with a door mirror (from Ikea, via subway, and then up 5 floors to my apartment).  And installed 6 coat hooks in a brick wall.  And lowered my bathroom vanity mirror so I can see myself without the aid of tip-toes.  And repaired my kitchen light (yes, the one that I didn't use for 6 months because the bulb was bad).  I think owe him a pie every month, for the rest of time.

 Delectable dim sum photo via Fishbowl DC

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