Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Thoughts

So... if you haven't heard and aren't lucky enough to be experiencing it firsthand (yes, that was sarcasm) NY got more snow.  It's a little warm (about 30!) so I have a feeling that lots of melting is going on outside.  Unfortunately, the weekend temps are supposed to plummet, with the highs hovering around twenty and lows of five!  Ugh, all that melty, slushy, dirty snow will re-freeze into icy grossness.  Bummer.  In light of this forecast, I'm taking some time to contemplate my weekend agenda.  On a cheerier note, I wont feel guilty about hibernating.  Definitely planning to stay indoors as much as possible, see my list below!

Cute map print available for purchase on Etsy

- Need to put this book to use and find a recipe for the butternut squash sitting atop my counter
- As mentioned in the post below, I need to practice this (a lot)
- Going to get a little crafty and make one of these since my jewelry box is (literally) busting at the seams
- I'd like to check out this place for the ultimate hot, heavy comfort food: mac n' cheese (vegan!)
- Last weekend I was terrible and only made one tea latte, this weekend I'm going to conquer latte foam art (and try out my new espresso grinder!)

What are your weekend plans, sweet readers?  Will your weather be dictating the activities?  Whatever you do, enjoy!  See you Monday.

Ooh- and just for fun, read today's post from Garance.  So funny!

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