Monday, November 26, 2012

To Name, Or Not?

The BF and I picked out a fluffy little Christmas tree on Saturday evening.  We bought it from Nelly's, the cute mom & pop nursery/florist shop.  We plucked the 3-footer out from under the tracks (Nelly's is on Broadway below the J/M/Z lines) and took it for a little trip on the G train.  Once home, my BF and I named her Charlotte Douglas.  Do you name your tree?  What about your car?  Home appliances?  We have Steamy (the steamer), Little Four Cup (the food processor), and Frenchie (the French press).

Check out our decorating video!!!

Tree poster by Bowlgraphics


  1. You already have a Christmas tree? :D

  2. Haha, yes Karolina!!! Every year, I leave New York the third week of December to spend a good chunk of time with my family in California. My BF and I like to soak up as much holiday time together as possible : )