Thursday, November 1, 2012

Daily Drop Cap and X-mas Tunes

Sigh... no work this week.  Instead I'm eating delicious, home cooked grub, wearing fuzzy slippers, wandering the internet and listening to Christmas music.  Yes, I'm one of those.  November first is my license to listen; Bing, Frank and Nat- sing me into nostalgic bliss!  Not to say I've been a total LazyMcLazersons today... I took a shower today and blow dried my hair.  Actually, I also spray painted a bunny statue on the roof, just in case you were judging.  Phfff.  I left the apartment.  And walked up a flight of stairs.

But back to what I've been mostly been up to.  Did you think I was going to say eating?  Ha!  Wrong!  Internet wandering.  Interneting.  And whilst interneting I found all Jessica Hische's Daily Drop Cap lettering.  Ooh la la, so pretty.  Each letter is impressive on it's own but scrolling through her entire collection is thrilling (she has 12 full alphabets)!  Go visit, you'll get a type rush!  And then wait for Frank to lull you back into seasonal bliss-delirium.  Oh wait, that's just me : )

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