Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fairisle is a Foot

Isn't "foot" a weird word?!!!  My title completely de-railed me for 10 seconds...  Sorry.  I'm really not here to talk about a foot (or feet).  No, no, it's fairisle!  I've come to believe that fairisle is something people either love or hate.  And hate is in italics there cuz we are talking serious pattern detest.  Peeps, I work in fashion.  I've seen fairisle hate and it ain't pretty. 

I think you probably already figured as much... but I'm am a fairisle lover.  Fairisle.  It sounds like some magical land.  It conjures images of falling snow and dogsleds.  And I love that it's not universal.  Hey, if everybody loved it then it wouldn't be quite so special, right?  That said, fairisle has been living out quite a revival for the past few winters.  I'm loving these modern iterations that are springing up now; the fierce colors and non-traditional pattern elements.  I mean... how many reindeer pullovers do you need?

Clockwise from top left:  Asos, J Crew, Madewell and J Crew

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