Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Etsy Love/ LiLuni

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday.  More yucky weather has descended upon New York.  Freeeeeezing rain is grossy.  On the bright side, the heat is back on at work and I'm nice and toasty.  Also, I'm going to a comedy show this evening.  Have any mid-week plans?  Celebrating a presidential victory maybe?!!!  Go Obama!  That's the extent of my political discourse here : )

Now... let's talk about LeLuni

Leluni makes the most adorable clocks.  They're marketed for kids but I think they're perfect for anyone with a youthful spirit. This scarf wearing bunny is without a doubt, my favorite!  The big red bear and pink piggy are pretty cute too.  Want a sweet furry thing in a color that's not listed?  Check out LeLuni's web page for the full clock selection.  The designer John will even work with you on custom clocks!  So cool! 

Discovered via Avie Designs

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