Thursday, August 16, 2012

Jetting Off (For a Day)

Arg.  I'm so bummed that work has sent me away today.  Irony.  For serious.  Parents just flew 3000 miles to visit New York and now I have to hop a plane.  But I'm taking a half day tomorrow!  Summer Fridays, you rock.  Wish you aged into Fall and Winter Fridays and then were reborn in the new year as Spring Fridays...  Sigh.  Tangent.  Sorry.

I do have a post saved up for later.  But for now, if you fancy, check out my Pinterest.   I'm planning to stash a link over in the right menu bar.  I haven't been super diligent about pinning lately.  But maybe you'll find some goodies that don't make it onto the w&w blog.  Enjoy, kittens!

Pretty Air Canada poster designed by Jordan Puopolo

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