Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Happy 3 years together, my sweet!  It's been exciting.  Tons of fun, in fact.  Full of wonderful adventures!  And accompanied by lots of delicious veg food.  Lots of Netflix too.  You're the best pumpkin carving, apple picking, and scrabble-dominoes-rummikub playing companion.  You make to-die-for ice cream and some lip-smackin' tasty lemon hummus.  I've learned so much from you.  Like how recover when your car slides on ice and how to instal a bathroom sink.  Not to mention that using a blow-dryer to heat up a sticker will make it come off clean, no icky goo left behind.  You have the cutest, most-softest-ever beard.  Plus, some of the greatest design and music taste in the world. (As far as I'm concerned.)  You are generous and kind to no end and I cant wait to spend "lots is" more time being your "Bunny".

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  1. You guys are sooooo cute!! Love you, happy 'niversary