Monday, January 23, 2012

Riding the Monday 'Coaster

I'm having a tumultuous, roller coaster type of Monday. 

On the one hand it's Monday (ugh).  I did have a wonderful, relaxing weekend, plus it snowed (yay)!  Today all the pretty snow is nasty slush and hard-packed ice (total ugh).  I did find out that my company is sending me on some international travel; Seoul and Hong Kong here I come (yay).  Unfortunately,  I have a huge deadline this week (ugh).  And I have jury duty tomorrow.  Probably Wednesday too (double ugh).  I'm going to be able to make dance classes after jury-ing though (yay)!!!  Which means I have to eat bananas and drink coconut water so my feet and legs don't cramp (ugh-GAG).

Dog daydreams by Scott King on Flickr

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