Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bonne Année!

Happy 2012 dear friends!  I hope you had a lovely holiday season. 

I'm back from winter vacation.  California was beautiful, sunny and often brisk.  The past couple days have been much the same in New York, just much, much brisk-er.  It's still pretty-winter.  No muddy slush yet : )

The last week has actually been super stressful for me.  A lot of inner turmoil.  Mostly just making mountains out of molehills.  But, the past couple days I've been thinking... I don't really do resolutions- maybe that should be the first change of 2012?  So I've written a few things written down.  They're goals.  (Resolutions can be so ambiguous.) 

I'm starting out with 5 items.  They're not crazy-challenging.  (I'll be continuing to "study French" and working to "enjoy winter".)  I think I'll be able to tackle them without getting freak-out-intimidated.  Off to a good start!

What about you?  Big plans for 2012?  (Best of luck!!!)

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