Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pretty Palette/ J'ai la pêche

I spent the weekend conjugating irregular French verbs and memorizing a few idiomatic phrases.  Hence, "J'ai la pêche!"  I'm peachy!*

On another note, I get really bummed out when the winter merriment is sucked from the atmosphere, post December holidays.  No more twinkling lights or tinsel.  No cheery bells or carols.  Boo.

One way to keep the winter holidays rockin' on?  Peachy parties!  Personally, I'm thinking 'party of one'.  Me, a couple champagne cocktails, a batch of pink hued cookies in the oven, and a freshly re-potted poinsettia bloom in the window sill.  ('Course you could totally use this rosy-glow-meets-winter-white theme for a real party!  Pretty!!!)

All this bush is a perfect segway into February's holiday.  Yep.  Valentines is nearly upon us!!!

Images clockwise from far left:
- Sequin & color block dress By Malene Birger, on sale at Shop Bop  (Psst, wear it to work with this and these!  Transition to evening with this, this and these in black!!!)
- Poinsettia photo by Sandra Juto, on Flickr- White Chocolate & Cherry Shortbread Cookies from Love and Olive Oil
- Pink heulandite ring from Adina Mills, available on Shop Bop
- Bellinis from What to Drink

* Technically, it's "I have the peach."

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