Monday, January 30, 2012

Coffee Enthusiast Shame

I just found this amazing photo at Desserts For Breakfast.  First thought was, "Dang.  Wish I was visiting Portland soon, I'd definitely order up one of these suckers at Stumptown!"  Then I realized... Stumptown's world famous NYC location is just 10 blocks north my office.  That's an 8 minute walk in flats/jay-walking (12-15 in heels/ observing pedestrian laws).  Keehee, oops.  Shame on me.  Really got to check that place out.  Maybe in 2 weeks.  Little brother*, sister and I should take a sibling excursion there.  We three love, love, love our coff-ee!!!

* My brother just bought a super incredible JCW Mini Cooper in NYC!  He's going to fly out here, hang out on a mini-vaca and then take it back to California via road-trip.  Doesn't that sound like the most fun and amazing adventure?!!!

Pssst, my fave chocolatiers use Stumptown roast in one of their divine dark coco bars too : )

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