Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Trinkets/ Gustav Reyes

Gustav Reyes pieces transcend jewelry, they are wearable art!!!  First, I will admit my bias: I've been a fan of wood ornaments for-ev.  But, these are incredibly sophisticated.  Not your run-of-the-mill cheap-o bangles.  I want to stack a couple of these and wear them out to holiday parties, the ballet, a special date with the BF... of course I'd also be wearing them all day at work.  All day.  Maybe everyday.  Cuz they're edgy, modern and effortlessly cool.  (Plus, I get kicks making all the chic galls in the design office envious.  Keehehe.)

Found via Wit & Delight

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  1. No wonder that you like them, they're gorgeous! I've always been envious of girls who could wear bangles, my palms are too broad so I'm not able to wear them :(