Thursday, November 10, 2011

Holiday Fare

Boy oh boy, I had a blast in France!  I'll share some photos from the trip as soon as possible.  Now that I'm back home NYC has transformed.  The trees have begun to litter sidewalks and gutters with golden, rust and burnished red leaves.  Storefronts are getting festive and I'm entering holiday mode!  My mind is whirling... lists galore; recipes to make, gifts to buy, festive events to catch, parties to attend, vacations to plan!!!

Today I'm going to start out by dipping my toe into that first category: recipes to make.  Four custard pies.  Alike in theme but quite different in matter.  The first from Lottie & Doof, an Apple Cider Cream Pie.  This thing sounds incredible!  Sour cream, apple cider and cinnamon are the front running ingredients of this treat.  Second up, Seven Spoons serves up a Maple Walnut Custard Pie.  Like it says, maple syrup and walnuts plus old fashioned oats, vanilla and lots of brown sugar!  Third on my radar is a Pear Custard Pie from Jesse's Kitchen.  This baby is simple.  Just the basic, bare necessities for a custard pie- plus pears.  Looks and sounds darn good though!   Last but not least is another apple-y delight; this one from A Wooden Nest.  It's loaded with buttery soft apples, crunchy nuts, tart yogurt custard and sweetened up with lots of honey.

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