Friday, November 11, 2011

Four for Friday

Hey chickens!  Are you glad it's Friday?  I am.  Boy oh boy, I am.  Yesterday I was such a pouty, sleepy, grump!  Life, when you're not in France is not so fun.  Especially- if you're not in France and you're also back at work.  Hump.  This morning I had an appointment with the eye doc.  My peepers got dilated, so I'm just able to read again.  The eye strain gave me a headache.  Ugh, what a complainer right?  Okay, I'll shush up and continue with Friday's four snippets...  (Oh, and have a great weekend!!!)

- I'm smitten with Girls Raised Buy Wolves.  This autumn mood scape is blowing my mind- I wanna live inside this website people!  The blog is jam-packed with crafty-ness, fashionable bits, art, culture and miscellaneous inspiration.  My kind of place : )
- Olive Mana, a pop-up shop featured on100 Layer Cake's marketplace, is filled with goodies!  I want these garlands soooo bad.  And these wooden gift tags.  And one of these pastel enamel pails!
- Hansel from Basil is the cutie-cute-cutest shop ever!  It's all socks and stockings.  The most playfull pull-ons you ever did see!  They've even got a sock of the month club.  A-dor-able.  (They've got a snazzy blog too!)
- I've been trying really hard lately to acknowledge my gluten intolerance and keep away from wheat.  Sad.  I did pretty well in France.  But like I said, it was sad.  I was sad.  Spots like The Wicked Good Vegan get me excited though.  So many good GF eats!  (Def making this pumpkin pie!)

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