Friday, November 4, 2011

Four for Friday

Have a fabulous weekend!  FfF is ready to go...

- Carine Brancowitz has completely stolen my heart.  I particularly adore her use of pattern, color and the incredibly dynamic compositions!
- One of my favorite people, Bernadette Pascua (of Decade) teamed up with Design Sponge for an apartment sneak peak. This is one sexy Brooklyn apartment!

- I have got to get my paws on Rabbit Food Cookbook!  I spotted it over on Manifest Vegan (one of my most fave of all my fave cooking blogs).  Allison sings praises, so I know Rabbit Food has got to be special!  The illustrations alone make this cookbook worth the purchase.
- A Lovely Being is just too much (fashionable) fun.  Tres chic!

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