Tuesday, November 29, 2011


One of my favorite blogs Hither and Thither just had itself made over.  This spot is one of the very first blogs I began following.  They definitely helped inspire w&w.  Once I saw them out in New York.  I know that sounds like I'm some creepy stalker- but it was by chance.  I swear.  When they passed me I was actually stalking watching doggies play at the dog park.

So anyway, go check out the revamped site and read all about the husband/wife blogging duo's adventures (though they're more of a trifecta these days, with the recent addition of their wee-one... not that the baby actually blogs or anything- yet.)

They've got lots of NYC themed posts like this trip to the Warby Parker Holiday Bazar, coffeehouse guides and carousel encounters.  The odd recipe is thrown in too (Carmel Pears)!!!  It's the same good stuff with a new hat on.

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