Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just In Case...

For all you American readers, have a happy Thanksgiving holiday!  Tomorrow I'm waking up early, meeting up with my little sis, her BF, my BF and heading to the Macy's parade.  We're going to stake out a spot in Herald Square (I would argue the best location for parade watching) and marvel at the balloons as they go by!  Then our troupe is headed out to my BF's parents' home for dinner.  I'm making  gluten free/ vegan cornbread plus a roasted carrot and beet dish. 

In case you're shy a dish, dessert, drink or two check out these delicious looking recipes!

- First things first- my cocktail is a whiskey sour.  Meet my new found holiday drink: the Boston Whiskey Sour.  Complete with apples, maple syrup and a dash of cinnamon!
- For something  non-alchy  to sip on, consider a Carmel Apple Cider.  Decadent, yes? 
- Someone say cranberry sauce?  Duh.  It's Thanksgiving.  I'm determine to make this recipe for Red Wine Cranberry Sauce in the upcoming month.  It looks so, so, so good.
- Maybe instead of baked stuffing try Quinoa with Roasted Chanterelle Mushrooms.  Mmmmmm
- Straight-from-the-1960s comes Corn Pudding casserole.  This comfort dish has been earmarked as a holiday essential in my family (for decades).  I used to bake it for college potlucks too!  Always a hit.
- I love Brussels sprouts.  And I like apples and hazlenuts in/on just about anything.  These shredded sprout salads with apples and hazelnuts are the fresh green dishes that every table needs!
- In need of a squash dish?  A plate of Crusted Butternut would also fit the bill!
- Home baked Dinner Rolls anyone?  Make them gluten free so everyone can enjoy!
- Maybe you want to do a non-pie dessert?  There is no doubt in my mind that this Bourbon Pumpkin Cheescake with Sugared Berries would get raves.  It's goreous!
- This Baked Pumpkin Sour Cream Pudding sounds like a winner too.
- When you have Turkey leftovers (or in my case Tofurky leftovers) get wild and try a Ruben instead of the classic turkey, cranberry sauce and gravy sandwich.  Gotta try this one!  I love Rubens.  Love.  Love.  Love!  Have it with another couple leftover-treats: a Pumpkin Pie Milkshake and slice of Cranberry Sauce Coffee Cake!

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