Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Happy leap year!  I've got to make this post a quicky; work is piling up.  I'm got oodles to do before Asia calls on Friday.  (Friday?!!!)  Just one and a half days left!  So have a very happy* leap day.  And make an origami frog for fun : )

* I was super tempted to say hoppy but (semi) resisted.

Photo by Sonia Wong, found on Flickr

Monday, February 27, 2012


The Jill Sander show was just too beautiful not to share.  I loved the red moment mid way through the show and the liquid-leather fetish capsule at the end, however the opening presentation of soft blush, violet and nude shades stole my heart.  Farewell Raf Simons and bravo!  (Jill is coming back to Jill!!!)  Simons finale will be one to remember. 

Ps.  Can you see those flowers in the background?!  Swoon.

PPs.  Check out the details pg at for close-ups of the edgy accessories.  Those color blocked heels are fierce.  Like, if a sports car turned into a heel, those heels would be walking on the Fall 2012 Jill Sander runway.  Aggressive shoes on these pretty gals; love the contradicting elements!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Four for Friday

There is no denying it; I have a cold.  I spent the last two days repeating "maybe a cold" and "probably just bad allergies" when people blessed my sneezes and commented on my nasal voice.  Nope.  It's a cold.  I'm hopen' aaaand a-prayin' that it's gone by next week.  I must feel well for my Asian whirlwind adventure.  International work trips while sick?  No, no, no.  I want none of that.

I'll be trying to balance r&r with trip-prep this weekend.  Sleeping through laundry cycles.  Or something like that anyway.  Hope you have a relaxing weekend as well!  Enjoy...

- It feels like Spring today (still warm) with the rainy-ness.  Diggin' this stormy weather Glamorai outfit!
- The flowers of late winter/ early spring are killer.  Seriously, they drive me nuts!  Also, Saipua is back at Free Flower Friday shenanigans.  Get on that New Yorkers!
- Everyone see Garance's Pardon My French right?  If not, you must.  If you are not already obsessed with her, you will be!
- Chai tea ice cream?!!!  Really want the BF to make me a dairy-free version.  Yumzers.  And it'll make my sicky throat feel way better : )

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pretty Mood

So, right now my work life is panic-attack-status stressful.  I perpetually feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest.  However, I just ran out to grab lunch and oh-my-bjesus it is gorgeous outside!!!  It (and my super tasty Wholefoods Asian salad) have put me back in a pretty mood.  Now it just feels like a miniature horse is sitting on my chest : )

On the topic of pretty mood setters.  Check out Ashley Goldberg.  Her illustrations are so lovely.  Visit her Flickr and head over to Etsy for prints to purchase!  Psst- she also does the cutest custom portraits!

Found via Wit & Delight

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Paste for the Oral Hygiene Elitist

Firstly, I want these toothpaste tubes for display!  They are too pretty!!!  Secondly, they sound incredible; like the most amazingly, deliciously, different fresh tastes, ever.  Then there is the fact that they're European.  Coolness factor upped. 

The awesome post featuring these three is over at The Baking Bird.  I'm super curious!  Kylie makes the most interesting points about toothpaste... do go read!  I'm seriously thinking of a Boton splurge*.  Pricey, yes.  But it sounds out of this world-  "It was created for King Louis XV so if it's fit for a king, you know it's gotta be good. The pepto-bismol pink color has warm and invigorating natural flavors of cinnamon, ginger, clove, and anise, great herbs and spices for optimal gingival health."  Wowzers!  

* Except, I do love my Burt's Bees.  A ton.  I've used this one for years but last week Wholefoods was out and I picked up the spearmint.  Color?  Weird.  Like pond scum.  Deep olive green.  It doesn't deter me a bit though.  Great taste; the best I've ever tried!  Truly- when I reach for the tube I get kinda excited.      

Monday, February 20, 2012

RTW/ J Brand

Are you ready for J Brand's new ready to wear line?  I'm so ready! So!  So!  So ready!  (Also ready for Spring's balmy weather to roll around- so I can wear it all!)  I'm dying for this mink colored blouse, the crop sweater above and this digitized mauve python print scarf.  All the shrunken blazers are cute.  And the edgy knit pieces are super cool.  RTW success. Shop the entire collection at J Brand's site.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Four for Friday

My brother arrived early this morning!  He's at my house sleeping off the red-eye flight.  I'm looking forward to my sibling-filled city weekend.  The fun kicks-off tonight with an art show at my little sister's school.  Enjoy Pres' weekend y'all.  I don't get Monday off but hopefully you do!!!

- I'm feeling super inspired by this photo shoot.  Aubrey Joy captured this lovely wedding, found on Project Wedding.  Love these colors!
- The 3D Hexagon ring from Aesa is my jewlsession (jewelry obsession, duh) of the moment.  Also loving the chain tassel necklace!  Found on Unruly Things and images via Una.
- Dwell makes me jealous of strangers.  Zimmerman family, watch out!  I want your 1920's craftsman bungalow, nestled among Seattle's evergreens.
- Completely fell in love with this cheesecake from Call Me Cupcake.  Need to make my own vegan version A-sippity-SAP.  Mmmmm : )

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Night Owl

This post is one part bragging (about my super adorable Valentine) and 3 parts selfless product sharing enthusiasm!  So.  OMG.  You must check out Night Owl Paper Goods.  Too darn cute!  Beyond the dozens of adorable cards and invites, you can get your own graphics printed, pick up a cutesy journal or calendar, find party decor and crafting supplies, even order you wedding stationary collection!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be Mine?

Happy Valentine's Day to all you dear, sweet friends out there!  I hope today was love-filled.  Cheers to another year of happiness and all sorts of romance : )

Blooms from Little Flower School & pencils on Etsy

Monday, February 13, 2012

Map Lit

Anyone who stops by w&w from time to time will know I'm a sucker for maps.  I have a super duper interior design crush on this mossy green map shade and it's porcelain rooster base!  Such a great novelty piece to light up a dark corner!

Found on Design Sponge

Thursday, February 9, 2012

They Draw

My sweet Mommy sent me an email earlier this week; she wanted to introduce me to They Draw & Cook. The site features recipes, illustrated by artist, from all over the planet!  It's a global cookbook plus art.  Oooh!  I had so much fun browsing the collections, including categories like Orange-licious and Oodles of Noodles.  You can submit too!!!

Pssst... also, They Draw & Travel!

Waldorf Salad by Koonsje Koene

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Interior Lust/ One Pop of Pink

I'm in design-love-agony over this beautiful home of Jeff Madalena and Jason Gnewikow*.  As soon as I saw the pink couch I was taken back to a conversation with my lil sis, last weekend.  We were talking about our future apartment; the one we'll be looking for in April.  (Just around the corner- EEEK!)  She asked, "Can it be pink?"  (She has a real affinity for things pink.)  After a moment of hesitation I said, "Yeah, it just can't all be pink." 

I'm kinda sold on a pink couch after seeing this interior.  Loads of neutral surfaces, lots of wood, a definite nod to Danish Mod, and some lush house plants are perfectly complimented by that zinger of a sofa.  Fun!  Chic!  Mine, come May!

* These dudes are the ultimate in taste.  Like, so cool you might die of jealousy.  For serious.  Madelena is the owner of Oak and Gnewiko is the creative director of Athletics.

Discovered via Pinterest & Design Crisis

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pretty Picture/Lulie Wallace

I've been charmed by these fanciful paintings by Lulie Wallace.  They're so colorful and happy.  A bouquet of lovely flowers that will last forever!  These works of art are incredibly affordable too; they're all under a thousand and start from just $125!  Prints can be had for a mere $35.  Wowzers!  Steal!  Check out her store to browse available art.  She's got a great Tumblr too, filled with inspiration pics and new work!

Found via You Are My Fave

Friday, February 3, 2012

Four for Friday

Hey kiddos,
Aren't you glad it's Friday?!!!  Yikes, stripes.  Boy, oh boy.  I am.

Big plans ahead?  Chillin' out?  Is everyone partying it up for the big game Sunday?  I'm undecided about the weekend ahead.  I'm gung-ho on taking a very dear friend out for birthday brunch.  Then, I told the lil sis that we'd get her operating system updated and that I'd bleach her roots.  I really want to check out this vegan spot.  There is a certain special someone's wedding dress that I'm due to sew a muslin* of.  Orchids are also on sale at Home Depot.  I've got 4 empty pots at home waiting.  For the Super Bowl, artsy-couple-friends of mine promised food, tasty beverages, a slew of fellow artsy friends and possibly a football game on in the background.  Sounds busy.  Eh.  I may scrap it all in lieu of lots and lots of sleep.

* That's fashion speak for mock-up, first run, crap-sample that you mark all over and cut apart to then re-make again (and again, and again).


- I wish I lived in California again, just so I could go to the Little Branch floral classes.  At $70 a session it's a steal!!!
- Low Commitment Projects. "Making stuff happen with little time and energy."  I totally need to take some pointers and follow suit.  But honestly, this site has some seriously cute stuff.
- I'm super embarrassed to admit this but I watch Cake Bosses.  It's awful!  So, so bad.  The odd glimpse of a lovely cake and sugar sculpting in action keeps me coming back.  I'd like to try my hand at these stunners sometime soon!
- One of my fave-y bloggers has a new DIY column up and running.  Head over to Design Love Fest to see Bri doing-it-herself!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Val's Day

It's coming up!  Valentines is in 12 days (11.5 technically).  I'm not the hugest fan of this holiday.  It's a little cliche for me.  On the other hand I'm definitely not those snarky people who "hate" it.  (Seriously?  Come on, grow up.  You don't love anyone?!!!  Your mom?  Your dog?  Your best friend since 6th grade?)

Whilst I'm not the one planning (or expecting) anything intricately timed, complexly planned, grandiose or expensive, I do think it's a rad day to do something a lil special.  Oh, and let me just say that the usual suspects are nothing to shy from!  Exchanging cards, flowers (or even just a flower) and a dinner by candlelight is so awesome.  Be crazy inventive if you must.  But I stand by my simple tokens of sentiment. 

If you're looking for some cutesy V-day swag, head over to Etsy.   The sight is busting at the seams with holiday duds.  This personalized rubber stamp is adorable.  Give a special girl this enamel heart necklace.  And for your dude, this set of manly soaps is so cool!   Send everyone you love one of these silly cards.  And for your fave single g-friends this BF in a bottle!

Custom couple's portraits available here

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What the...?

Can you believe it's February already?!!  Actually, January was so jam packed, I feel like it's April.  What I can't believe is that it's nearly 60 degrees here in NY today.  What the what?  Hotty-hot-hot temps may be another reason I'm thinkin' it's April.  Weirdness, yo.

Gorgeous calender from Linda & Harriett