Thursday, February 2, 2012

Val's Day

It's coming up!  Valentines is in 12 days (11.5 technically).  I'm not the hugest fan of this holiday.  It's a little cliche for me.  On the other hand I'm definitely not those snarky people who "hate" it.  (Seriously?  Come on, grow up.  You don't love anyone?!!!  Your mom?  Your dog?  Your best friend since 6th grade?)

Whilst I'm not the one planning (or expecting) anything intricately timed, complexly planned, grandiose or expensive, I do think it's a rad day to do something a lil special.  Oh, and let me just say that the usual suspects are nothing to shy from!  Exchanging cards, flowers (or even just a flower) and a dinner by candlelight is so awesome.  Be crazy inventive if you must.  But I stand by my simple tokens of sentiment. 

If you're looking for some cutesy V-day swag, head over to Etsy.   The sight is busting at the seams with holiday duds.  This personalized rubber stamp is adorable.  Give a special girl this enamel heart necklace.  And for your dude, this set of manly soaps is so cool!   Send everyone you love one of these silly cards.  And for your fave single g-friends this BF in a bottle!

Custom couple's portraits available here

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