Monday, February 27, 2012


The Jill Sander show was just too beautiful not to share.  I loved the red moment mid way through the show and the liquid-leather fetish capsule at the end, however the opening presentation of soft blush, violet and nude shades stole my heart.  Farewell Raf Simons and bravo!  (Jill is coming back to Jill!!!)  Simons finale will be one to remember. 

Ps.  Can you see those flowers in the background?!  Swoon.

PPs.  Check out the details pg at for close-ups of the edgy accessories.  Those color blocked heels are fierce.  Like, if a sports car turned into a heel, those heels would be walking on the Fall 2012 Jill Sander runway.  Aggressive shoes on these pretty gals; love the contradicting elements!

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