Friday, February 3, 2012

Four for Friday

Hey kiddos,
Aren't you glad it's Friday?!!!  Yikes, stripes.  Boy, oh boy.  I am.

Big plans ahead?  Chillin' out?  Is everyone partying it up for the big game Sunday?  I'm undecided about the weekend ahead.  I'm gung-ho on taking a very dear friend out for birthday brunch.  Then, I told the lil sis that we'd get her operating system updated and that I'd bleach her roots.  I really want to check out this vegan spot.  There is a certain special someone's wedding dress that I'm due to sew a muslin* of.  Orchids are also on sale at Home Depot.  I've got 4 empty pots at home waiting.  For the Super Bowl, artsy-couple-friends of mine promised food, tasty beverages, a slew of fellow artsy friends and possibly a football game on in the background.  Sounds busy.  Eh.  I may scrap it all in lieu of lots and lots of sleep.

* That's fashion speak for mock-up, first run, crap-sample that you mark all over and cut apart to then re-make again (and again, and again).


- I wish I lived in California again, just so I could go to the Little Branch floral classes.  At $70 a session it's a steal!!!
- Low Commitment Projects. "Making stuff happen with little time and energy."  I totally need to take some pointers and follow suit.  But honestly, this site has some seriously cute stuff.
- I'm super embarrassed to admit this but I watch Cake Bosses.  It's awful!  So, so bad.  The odd glimpse of a lovely cake and sugar sculpting in action keeps me coming back.  I'd like to try my hand at these stunners sometime soon!
- One of my fave-y bloggers has a new DIY column up and running.  Head over to Design Love Fest to see Bri doing-it-herself!

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