Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Interior Lust/ One Pop of Pink

I'm in design-love-agony over this beautiful home of Jeff Madalena and Jason Gnewikow*.  As soon as I saw the pink couch I was taken back to a conversation with my lil sis, last weekend.  We were talking about our future apartment; the one we'll be looking for in April.  (Just around the corner- EEEK!)  She asked, "Can it be pink?"  (She has a real affinity for things pink.)  After a moment of hesitation I said, "Yeah, it just can't all be pink." 

I'm kinda sold on a pink couch after seeing this interior.  Loads of neutral surfaces, lots of wood, a definite nod to Danish Mod, and some lush house plants are perfectly complimented by that zinger of a sofa.  Fun!  Chic!  Mine, come May!

* These dudes are the ultimate in taste.  Like, so cool you might die of jealousy.  For serious.  Madelena is the owner of Oak and Gnewiko is the creative director of Athletics.

Discovered via Pinterest & Design Crisis

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