Friday, December 14, 2012

Four for Friday

Firstly, my heart goes out to Newton, Connecticut.  I always feel at a loss for words when something this horrific and atrociously senseless occurs.  My condolence and sympathy to all those connected with Sandy Hook Elementary.  So terribly sad...

I'm leaving work early this Friday.  The past two weeks at work have been really rough.  I'm going to spend my afternoon running errands and doing laundry; things that I've been too busy to get to for the last 14 (plus) days.  I'm hoping to wrap up (and wrap) some holiday shopping this weekend and check out a couple fun holiday events.  I hope you have a suggly, festive, fun weekend ahead as well!

- So pretty!  I want to make holiday ice too!!!
- I want to go to this and this (again) over the weekend.
- Gingie-boys!  And the recipe is already vegan, score!
- Beeeee-utiful winter prints and cards.

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