Friday, February 1, 2013

Four for Friday

Herro guys!  The week is winding down.  I've got a busy weekend planned.  Going to a lecture tonight, a double-birthday bash on Saturday, building some shelves and painting the apartment, tackling taxes and some illustration projects.  Then Sunday is... brunch with another birthday girl.  Did you think I was going to mention football.  Ha.  No.  Not to offend, but there are about a million-zillion better uses of my time.

- Love these hair tutorials!  Found via Because I'm Addicted.

- Gorgeous vintage Japanese magazine covers!  Found via 101 Cookbooks.

- Puff pastry garlic knots and mini pizzas.  Perfect for game day.  (And super YUM.)

- Fab online mag Rue has now debuted a website!

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