Friday, September 28, 2012

Four for Friday

September is basically oveh. Yikes, stripes! Time flies. I'm so ready to soak up the weekend... I'm taking another figure drawing class tonight at NYAA. Gonna make it a habit! Tomorrow, the BF and I are driving to Philly to pick up some furniture. We're going to make a stop at our favorite veg-friendly pub, Royal Tavern. And Sunday... well, I've got a bunch of apples waiting to turned into tarts and cakes and sauces and all sorts of yummy concoctions!

- Colorful earthy jewelry. Perfect for now but truly season-less.

- Loafers are the it shoe of fall. I already own some patent croco Sperry's but I'm pining over the pair pictured.

- In case you need to make yummy fall-inspired dishes, A Cozy Kitchen has some good lookin' options.

 - Get the skinny on why brunette is oh-so-right for autumn. Plus, how to pick a great shade. (I'm thinking of going just a touch darker like the gal in the photo!)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy B-day Wishes!

To Google, of course.  14 years, can you believe it?  The time has flown by crazy fast.

Images from Call Me Cupcake

Foulard Trouser Love

Last week I bought a gorgeous, pajama-esque, foulard pant.  I love foulards and quirky scarf prints.  My pair are like five million inches too long, even when I wear my tallest shoesies.  While I'm waiting for 'em to be tailored the anticipation has built; I can't wait to debut them!  (I think tomorrow is the day!)  Although they would look super cute with a simple tee and edgy jacket, I'm going to opt for a boxy shrunken sweater.  Eeep, excited!

My pants, sweater and heels

Want to get your own pants?  See some other lovely pairs below:
Club Monaco

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Geometry Daily

Every day Tilman posts a geo design at Geometry Daily.  Meant to look like hand crafted illustrations, in reality they are digital designs.

He writes, "I hate the look of vector graphics right out of illustrator. Of course I like my graphic works, but the clean and perfect look of digitally generated shapes are boring, cheap and have no connection to the real world. On the other hand I would not be able to make a real print every day, that would be too much work. That is why I chose to process the graphics in Photoshop to make them (at least) look like real prints on paper. Not too much grunge-ness and effect, just a small pint of reality."

I love the final effect.  Hopefully he releases some as actual prints soon!

Discovered via Mint

Monday, September 24, 2012

First Fall Weekend

Happy Monday and welcome back!  Today is one of those amazingly beautiful autumn Mondays, where I reeeeealy wish I was unemployed.  Or semi-employed.  Or just playing hooky from employment.  It's so perfect out there, that it's nearly killing me!  I can't wait until lunch time... a long walk around Flatiron and Union Square is on the agenda! 

The weekend was gorgeous too; apple picking was fun, fun, fun.  (See, that's us cracking up on the left.  Apple high!)  My sister already started baking.  I'm planning some tofu-sour cream apple tarts and a vegan version of this bundt.  On the topic of produce... my sis and I are also thinking about joining this CSA.  It will help us eat loads more veggies.  I also love the idea of supporting local farming.  Plus I met the farm owner and she seemed so awesome- enthusiastic and incredibly generous.  I've always been curious about CSAs, do tell me if you have any experience or advice!

All images by my sweetheart BF

Friday, September 21, 2012

Four for Friday

Even though I'm feeling a teensy bit under the weather, I'm looking forward to some weekend adventure!  I'm taking a figure drawing class this evening. (Butterflies!  My figure sketching skills are so out of practice... It's like the first day of school all over again!)  Tomorrow the BF, sis and I are headed upstate for apple picking.  I've been looking forward to this for... two years!  (Basically everyday since the last time I went.)  Sunday is going to be an adventure (endeavor) in home remodeling.  I need to get some shelves up in kitchen and possibly start accent-wall painting.  Eeep!  Exciting!

Have a lovely one, see you next week!

- Kicking myself for never checking this out while I lived in LA!  Promising myself- next Cali trip.
- The most fabulous tip for using dry shampoo.  Gonna totally try this.
- I've never heard of a ground cherry until now.  I'm curious beyond belief!
-A shop-full of jewelry I wish I owned.  I've come to realize, my trinket envy will never stop.

Spice And Everthing Nice

A little mood board to get you into the Fall-feelin'.  I'm such a sucker for spicey hues back to teal-y blue.

See you back here a bit later for this week's FfF!

Apparel from the Toast Autumn Lookbook
Credenza from Apartment Therapy
Poppy by Sarah Ryhanen of Saipua

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cleaning & Tea Therapy Thursday

I'm getting sick.  Grrrr.  At first I thought, "Fall allergies, I can forgive you because you've arrived with the loveliest season of all."  Then I realized it wasn't allergies.  Boo.  Sinus infection you suck.  I can't smell.  I can't breath, except with a gaping mouth- so attractive btw.  I have a headache.  I'm tired.  I'm getting crankier by the second.

In an attempt to "clean up my mood" I cleaned my desk, shelves, file drawers, garment racks, etc.  Working in an organized space is bliss.  And I'm sipping lots of tea too.  That helps.  This is my favorite tea.  I also drink a lot of chai, Earl Grey and mint.  Do you have a favorite tea?

Photo by Alice Gao, on her Flickr

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Things To Make

It's getting cooler!  Autumn, I missed you so!  Reunion is oh so sweet; hopefully it's not too short lived!  (It's always too short, if you ask me.) When the days get brisk, cozy up inside with arts and crafts.  Bekka Palmer's wonderful pin board Things To Make is an absolute treasure trove.  I'm loving this wall art and these party favors!

Pictured, a perfectly fall-appropriate handkerchief scarf, by the Knit Kid.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lemon Fire Brigade

Lemon Fire Brigade is not only recipe magic but food artSarah Bolla's photos belong in frames.  I could look at these images for-evah. 

Also.. I wish I knew the story behind this blog name : )

Discovered via Apartment 34

Monday, September 17, 2012

New News

Arg, I know- I ditched you last Thursday and Friday.  But I'm back now and here with an exciting announcement.  Job change has occurred!  For the last 5ish years I've been designing shirts and tops.  The move is within the company; suiting and coats here I come!  It's a big change.  Ginormous in fact.  It's a lot to take on and the learning curve something akin to taking on the Yungus Road.  I'm kinda terrified (lots of bad dreams lately) but I'm looking forward to the challenge.  Hopefully it doesn't disrupt my posting frequency too much.  The loyalty of all you readers is very important to me and growing w&w is still very much a priority!  (Not to mention a much needed non-fashion design and social outlet!!!)  I hope you all had a lovely weekend and I'm thrilled to see you here on this gorgeous Monday.  (Seriously, NYC is heaven right now!)

Some of my recent market research:
- Warehouse
- Topshop
- Asos

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pups Please!

How cute are these Lumadessa doggies?!!!  So stinkin' sweet!  Check out their bird and African animal prints too.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Link List

This week is more than a bit cray-cray at work.  The hours are flying by but I can't quite say that I'm lovin' it.  Trying though.  Part of the happiness project is to act the way you want to feel... energized, enthusiastic, happy!  Enjoy my laundry list of fabulous links (to investigate at greater length when I have more than a minute to myself)!

- J'adore this FB page
- This Pinterest board was made for meThis one too.
- Almost time for baking up some autumn apples!
- Desperate for this chic lighting in my kitchen.
- Lovely and refreshing drinks, perfect for these final summer days!
- Hugo Tillman's home.  Jeal.
- Love silky pants.  Need these wide legs and these printed pegs.
- Experiencing stamp-design lust.
- I'm taking sexy-dressing cues from Haute & Rebellious.  Daaaaamn gurl!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Etsy Love/ Sarah Louise Matthews

The Sarah Louise Matthews shop is smack-dab in the middle of Design Heaven Boulevard.  I love, love, love her intricate die cuts with layered-paper.  This print is also a fave!  And can I just say OMG, these snowflake garlands will make your winter holiday fĂȘte!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Four for Friday

Hey-now, weekend time!  Hooray for the 4-day work week.

- I love dip-effects.  Check out these super simple (and way-easy on the budget) dipped cans!
- I've been casually shopping for some new prints to throw around the apartment.  I'm racked with indecision over which Jennifer Sanchez pieces to go with. 
- I am completely obsessed with Diana Beltran Herrera's paper birds.  Want them to live with me.
- I've been pinning like a crazy from Suvi Sur Le Vif.  Alas, I don't speak Finnish.  Google Translate is getting a lot of recipe translating action : )

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pretty Picture/ Emma Dibbenn

Wouldn't a triplet of veged-out watercolors by Emma Dibben look sweet in the kitchen?  Shop around for more frame-worthy edibles.  She does great fruit (orangesgrapes!) and if seafood is your fancy, the fishies are abound as well.

- Beet Roots
- Garlic
- Piccadilly Tomatoes

Discovered via Gems

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Vinegar Tonic

I've just discovered something... curious.  Vinegar tonic?  Have you heard of this mysterious beverage before?  Have you tried one?!!!  This intriguing virgin cocktail is news t'me.  Like I said, my curiosity is running rampant!  The photos here are a concoction from Tina Jeffers, featured on Bliss.  I'm dreaming up refreshing recipes already; cucumber-lemongrass or blueberry-basil or orange-rosemary.  More suggestions?  Let me know if you already have a favorite flavor vinegar tonic!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday Inspiration

So sorry I skipped out last week, dearies!  I was actually still around; working full days, taking extra dance classes, doing some real cooking, and working on my entry for this contest.  Check out my Lab entry here on Pinterest.  It was a fun little creative flourish that reminded me how much I love compiling mood boards.  I've been so bad about creating them for w&w lately!  I foresee more in the future.

The long weekend was nice, right?  Happy belated Labor Day all you Americans!  I hope yesterday was special.  I actually did get to go to the beach.  It was chilly and overcast. (Of course!!!)  But the BF and I went for a nice walk in the salted wind.  We got our feet wet and watched sassy shore bird squawk at one another.

A few of my favorite contest pins above, left to right and top to bottom:
- Michelle Arams painting
- Call me Cupcake cake
- Bouquet from Wild Weddings
- Tumblers for sale on Etsy
- The Sweetest Occasion's Cocktails 
- Collage by Matt Wisnieski