Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Yes, The Answer Is No

I've been working (lots and lots) on a certain project today.  Getting all ready-set-go for the debut this weekend; my twelve month Happiness Project starts the first of September!

I'm really excited, since there is a lot going on in my life right now.  Work is a story all it's own... stay tuned for some big news next week.  I'm at my wits end in conflicting feelings about my home.  I've been mulling over and re-examining my p.o.v. on traveling, health, my relationships with family and friends, and my intellectual growth and learning.  All the crazy going on in my head could definitely use some structure : )

Loosely related to The Happiness Project... I found this beyond lovely story over at A House In the Hills.  Please read; it will make you smile!

Image by Brian Vu, via A House In the Hills.  BTW... Brian Vu's collages are eerie fabulous amazing-ness.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Not Your Basic Box

As I tidy up the (still rather terrifyingly untidy) apartment, I'm wishing my storage boxes and bins were a bit more chic.  These graphic font-ified boxes from House Industries would fit the bill!  

Found via Grain Edit

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Last Days Of Summer

I haven't been to the beach this summer!  The BF and I went once last summer.  Once the year before.  This is of course not counting our vacations to Florida or Hawaii.  But even with those included, I haven't enjoyed the surf and sand more than a half dozen times in 2 years.  Wonh-wonhhhhh.

Reminiscing...  college days, living in Santa Monica, roasting on the beach nearly everyday at noon.  Tan.  Nearly blond.

I know I'm the better for moving on and moving away.  No more road rage and hopefully no skin cancer in my future.  It would be pretty amazing if I could weekend in Montalk all summer though.  Or maybe just this weekend, as a seasonal farewell.  I hope you have some kind of lovely labor day weekend plans.  Possibly revolving around the seaside?  Take me?  I 've already packed my fantasy travel bag...

- Color block sundress by Parker
- Faux suede sandals by Urban Outfitters
- Python swim suit by Melissa Odabash
- Ray-Ban Oversize Clubmaster in Demi-shine White
- Weekender tote by Everlane

Friday, August 24, 2012

Four for Friday

Hey guys, hope you're having a happy Friday!  It was so sad and startling today when the Empire State Building news erupted.  My heartfelt sympathies to the individuals involved, their family and friends.

On a lighter side, I feel like I'm kinda... almost... sorta getting back into the swing of things around here.  (Geez-Louise, vacation throws things outta wack!)  On Tuesday we traded out our house guests; my parents and cousin returned to California, in exchange for my sister's two best friends.  We're taking them to Champs tomorrow for a killer vegan brunch, Brooklyn style.  Can't wait! 

I'm really, really looking forward to spending some much needed quality time with the BF, hangin' with friends at not one but two evening rooftop soirees, continuing to spruce up the apartment, try my hand at a version of these cookies, plus whip up this favorite too.  Enjoy the waning summer, dearies!  See you next week!

- Probably the most beautiful soup ever made.
- Because I'm Addicted, a fabulous-o blog featuring everything lovely under the sun.
- Check out this incredibly thoughtful & meticulously planned party!
- Stress shopping gained me a new pair of leopard jeans yesterday.  Also like these and these and these : )

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ice Scream!

I bring you another glorious find from Celine's Have Cake, Will Travel: the Vegan A La Mode recipe book!  I gifted this absolute treasure to my BF last night.  He was thrilled!*  My BF is quite the vegan ice cream connoisseur.  His chocolate peanut butter and chocolate peppermint are to die for.  So, you can imagine he already has a few non-dairy ice cream recipe books on the shelf.  But Vegan A La Mode isn't one to skip over.  I became an instant fan after flipping through, finding a gorgeous and mouth watering photos of every recipe!  Every one!  How often do you find that?  Not often.  There are some heart-stopping photos on Have Cake, Will Travel of a few ices Celine tried out.

* And so was I, because 1. he liked his gift and 2. I can look forward to lots more home-made ice cream!

Image from I Love Doodle's Flickr (so darn cute!)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Veg Sandies

I'm impatiently waiting for the weather to cool off, so I can start baking treats again.  I'm getting really interested in candies these days; I've been day dreaming about these caramels and this Turkish delight.  I can't find the heart to stand over simmering sugar when the kitchen is over 80 degrees though.  In the meantime, icy treats must suffice.  Pssst, that was foreshadowing.  Yeah.  Tomorrow.  Come see.

But since it's still balmy, I thinking I should tgive these good lookin' sandies a go.  They come from Vegan Sandwiches Save The Day.  These recipes look and sound amazing.  Plus, not too complicated; this book could kick my behind back into kitchen creativity mode.  Post vacation, the most complicated meal I've whipped up was a 3-ingredient salad assemblage.  Shame.

Discovered via Have Cake Will Travel

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Last Chance Armas

Michelle Armas just flooded her shop with goodies.  If you're hankering for some original art that doesn't break the bank, the 12x12 paintings are a steal at $100.  Get them now, because they're the last she's making!  They're all warm and Indian-summery too; I love Hink with it's blood orange and dusty lavender splotches.  There are also some lovely prints for sale (crushing on That Bowtie I Like and Laura).
Of course, if you really need a big ol' statement piece maybe check out Spinx.  Exhilarating florescence!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Doodle Everyday

I still love I Love Doodle.  Check out the cuteness again!  It will help to beat the "Moonday" blues away, promise!

The must see is Doodle Everyday, view all 365 sketches on Tumblr

Sketches above, left to right: Revenge, Magic Love & Bad Hair Day.

Sketch at left: Moonday Blue

...Also see why Pluto got dropped from the planetary roster.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday, Minus Four

Sorry, sorry, no FfF today.  I'm skipping out of the digital world to go play with my fam at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.  Tonight we're going to one of my most favorite restaurants in the city, Awash.  It's a little Ethiopian place with the most delicious and wholesome food evah.  If you're ever in NYC go check it out!

Instead of four entertaining links, I'm going to leave you with just one (possibly life-changing link).  The Happiness Project.  Heard of it?  If you need an end-of-summer read, pick up Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project book!  I read it during vacation and am now obsessed.  Re-reading, taking notes on every page, internet cross referencing kind of obsessed.  And I'm starting my own happiness project!   Gotta say, I've never gotten into anything self help relate before but I really loved this book.  Something about jump starting happiness just sounds awesome!  Duh.

Illustration by Marcos Chin

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lemon Salt Straw Potatoes

Let me begin by telling you, shamelessly, that I love fries.  It's not something that I often declare- even when I'm eating a plateful of especially delicious ones.  But, I've thrice had incredible fries in the last week.  The most recent encounter was Tuesday night, back in my beloved BK, at Robeling Tea Room with my family.  Before that, Antwerp and Brussels.  Read: Belgium, founder of the pom fritte.  All delicious.  All different. 

And behold, last night this gem of a recipe crosses my computer screen.  Now, I haven't tried it out yet so I can't definitively say these fries are winners.  But, geez-louise, they look good!  They sound tasty too.  Honestly, I was had at "Lemon Salt".  Two of my most favorite flavors gettin' all cozy together!  Head over to Alexandra Cooks for the full recipe and more mouth-watering photos!     

Jetting Off (For a Day)

Arg.  I'm so bummed that work has sent me away today.  Irony.  For serious.  Parents just flew 3000 miles to visit New York and now I have to hop a plane.  But I'm taking a half day tomorrow!  Summer Fridays, you rock.  Wish you aged into Fall and Winter Fridays and then were reborn in the new year as Spring Fridays...  Sigh.  Tangent.  Sorry.

I do have a post saved up for later.  But for now, if you fancy, check out my Pinterest.   I'm planning to stash a link over in the right menu bar.  I haven't been super diligent about pinning lately.  But maybe you'll find some goodies that don't make it onto the w&w blog.  Enjoy, kittens!

Pretty Air Canada poster designed by Jordan Puopolo

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Happy 3 years together, my sweet!  It's been exciting.  Tons of fun, in fact.  Full of wonderful adventures!  And accompanied by lots of delicious veg food.  Lots of Netflix too.  You're the best pumpkin carving, apple picking, and scrabble-dominoes-rummikub playing companion.  You make to-die-for ice cream and some lip-smackin' tasty lemon hummus.  I've learned so much from you.  Like how recover when your car slides on ice and how to instal a bathroom sink.  Not to mention that using a blow-dryer to heat up a sticker will make it come off clean, no icky goo left behind.  You have the cutest, most-softest-ever beard.  Plus, some of the greatest design and music taste in the world. (As far as I'm concerned.)  You are generous and kind to no end and I cant wait to spend "lots is" more time being your "Bunny".

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes!

To my wonderful boyfriend Dwayne, a huge (albeit belated) happy birthday!!!  My guy turned another year older (wiser & more handsome) last Thursday the 9th, whilst I was away.  (Bad girlfriend!)  I'm wishing with every atom of my being that his year is filled with joy.  Enjoy your 32nd year, sweet "Buggy".

Cupcake image found on Flickr


Yes, home, finally.  Aaaaand it's been crazy.  It's still crazy.  Crazy good though.  Two (plus) weeks away, and bam!  My parents and cousin are here visiting.  Work is a hot mess.  Apartment is literally a hot mess.  But it's wonderful to be back.  I really missed New York.  I love my city.  But, man oh man I loved every other city we visited too.  I was trying to choose a fave but it's just not possible.  The big cities topped my list though; Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam and Brussels (I really liked Antwerp and Dresden too).  One quick photo to share for now.  Many more pics, plus some stores to follow.  Promise!

Image of buttery river-front buildings, taken in Prague.