Monday, February 28, 2011


We're a day away from March, February 2011 is on it's way out.  My parents are leaving today as well.  (I'll be seeing them again in just a handful of weeks.  But, more on that some other day.)  We had a jam-packed last 5 days.  I'm in need of a vacation from my stay-cation.  Note to all you out there- craving a restful, relaxing vay-cay?  Do not visit the Big Apple.

It was tons of fun though.  Recap in a nut shell...

Day 1- exploration of, and lunch at the Chelsea Market, stroll along Highline Park, Chelsea neighborhood walk, the Intrepid (Growling and Concord), Ground Zero, quick dinner at the Wholefoods hot-bar, tour of my design room.

Day 2- the Cloisters, Fort Tryon Park, the Met, Upper East Side neighborhood walk, dinner at Curly's (yum!) with the BF.

Day 3- bus tour of UWS, Harlem and UES, the Museum of Natural History, lunch at Peace Foods (yum again), MOMA, St. Patrick's Cathedral, dinner at Broolyn Mac (yum o-rama ) and tour of the BF's pad complete with home-baked gluten free-carob-pecan-coconut-oat cookies (yum, like whoa!!!).

Day 4- shopping at the Union Sq green market, hot chocolate and treats at The City Bakery, Financial District neighborhood walk (Stone St. is sooo darn cute!), Staten Island Ferry ride (and back), dinner with the BF and his parent's at Wild Ginger in BK.

Day 5- Williamsburg neighborhood walk including the waterfront and pier at The Edge, coffee and treats as the Verb, factory tour at Mast Brothers' Chocolate, walk around McCarren Park (including a stop at the dog park, of course), tour of the Brooklyn Brewery,  dinner at Papacito's in Greenpoint (yum, super super nachos).

Okay... that was most definitely the largest nut shell ever.  But, I swear it was as concise as possible!  How was you're weekend?  Did you do any adventuring?

The Search Is On!

If you take a quick look to the right you'll see a new addition to my menu sidebar; a search box!  Okay, so maybe that doesn't warrant an exclamation point.  Then again, maybe it does?  (And, yes, I know our dear gal in the lovely red gloves is completely looking in the wrong direction.  But she's impeccably dressed so we'll forgive her obliviousness this once.)

Dearest readers, if you have a POV please let me know.  (We're back to talking about the search bar, not the illustration.)  Does the search function matter one way or the other?  Do you use searches on other blogs?  Do you find yourself combing my archives?  Will it be helpful for locating older posts here on w&w?

Illustration available on Mimi Galore's Etsy store

Friday, February 25, 2011

Four for Friday

You didn't think that I would leave you without a FfF post, did you?  Please.  Parents-in-town or no parents-in-town, you are getting your four!

- I was searching for a raw cheesecake recipe and came across the site Manifest: Vegan.  It is, hands down, my new favorite food blog.   All vegan, all gluten free, all types of food.  Each recipe sounds more delicious that the last.  And the photos...  ooooh the photos!
- Quite possibly the coolest wallpaper ever.  Wall and Deco has so many other amazing patterns too.  Check out the collection; namely Alphabet Swirl, Svalbard, and Losting Map.
- The blog Sketchbook is so darn cute, I can barely stand it!  It's an illustrative journal, cataloging the daily events of  Denise Holmes life.  Simple in concept, adorably exectuted, and thoroughly addicting.
- Two fabulous worlds collide!  Joanna from A Cup of Joe was stay-cationing this week (just like me!!!) and she had the incredible Diana from Miss Moss guest posting.  Go check them out, her posts are so fun.  Her "Things I like Right Now" is great; The Beatles' Michelle! Steven Allen! Bicycle Portraits!

Update: Pantone Party

Remember these fun odds, ends and eats?  I was doing a little online shopping at A Plus and found all these goodies!  Cute tins to keep these fresh.  Espresso cups for those who prefer a little nip to the bigger gulp.  Cute folding chairs (with padded seat!) to keep your tushie comfortable while you work through this!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Interior Lust/ Dream Bathroom

Remember my dream kitchen?  And my fantasy design studio/ library?  Now I bring you the perfect bathroom.

Check out those upcycled, vintage, glass pane windows!  I'm melting; disolving into a puddle of interior-architectural desire.  I have such a weak spot for antique industrial details!  Besides the (beyond stunning) extra-large shower, notice the framed mirror, tiling, and basin.  OMG, the basin... see the faucet?  Perfection.  I could loose the sconce (I'm a mini-lampshade hater to the core, sorry sconce fans).  And, I would definitely need one of these somewhere too.  But besides those two details, this is my bathroom of bathrooms.  Are you loving it too?

Image found on the vtwonen blog

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Squirrel Love

Nearly every weekend my BF and I discuss my fear of squirrels.*  That may sound weird (the subject of squirrels coming up so often).  But, in Brooklyn and Manhattan there are parks about every quarter mile.  So, you see a heck of a lot of squirrels out there.**  Anyhow, despite my phobia these two little lovers are pretty cute.  They nearly dispel my disquietude!  Sort of.  You know... as long as the stay carved in wood and holding that heart.  They're availavle for purchase at Enormous Champion.  While you're there, read a little about the company, which is based in Brooklyn.

* I attempt to rationalize my fear and he shoots me down (sweetly, of course), exposing my squirrel terror for what it is, totally irrational.
** If I were being completely honest and divulging all information I'd have to admit the following; I'm a dog-ophile.  I find a bench outside the fenced off dog-park and watch the furry puppies play.  Sometimes I'm there for 30 minutes.  Watching.  All the while being tormented by squirrels darting in my peripherals.

Found via Brooklyn Bride

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stay-cation Time!

With the exception of two brief periods of unemployment, I've never had more than a three day weekend in New York. (yes, that means I've worked the Friday after Thanksgiving every year, for the last five years). The unemployment stints don't really count as time off, because stress plagued my every moment. So, I'm really looking forward to the following 5 days off. Possibly filling those 5 days with some these activities:

- A good ol' touristy, hop-on-hop-off, Big Red Bus tour
- The Moma Museum (For my momma)
- The NY Transit Museum (Dad is going to loose his mind!)
- The Met Museum (I've been to the Met at least 20 times and am convinced that I will never, ever tire of it. The armor wing alone keeps me going back.)
- The Cloisters (Medieval art? Eh. Not so much. Architecture? Hudson River? View of the Jersey riverbank preserve? Ft Tryon Park? Oh yeah, all that good stuff!)
- The Highline Park (Great's a park, along the Hudson, on a deserted Railroad bridge. How cool is that?!!! I love the Highline, even when it's freezing!)
- Tour of the Brooklyn Brewery (Dad loves beer- he used to home brew!)
- Tour of Mast Brother's Chocolate Factory (Mom loves chocolate)
- Roosevelt Island Tram
- Staten Island Ferry (Just for the fun of it- not to actually hang out in SI)
- The entire slew of restaurants and cafe make up another list completely. I'll not bore you with that. Yet. Hehe!

I'll be posting less frequently for the remainder of the week. Still, some juicy bits will be served up before Saturday arrives. Promise!

Photo by Sydney Shaw, found on Deviant Art

A Numerical Stack

I'm a bookworm, through and through.  Remember the ode to my collection here?  There is always a novel in my bag (right now it's Kate Chopian's The Awakening and Selected Short Fiction ).  I'm such a literature nut, anything bound and leafy catches my eye in an instant.  These photos from Paul Octavious are right up my alley.

Wouldn't the three photos below look lovely framed and hung in a row?  The stack would also be wonderful for party centerpiece; birthday, New Year, even a wedding!  How sweet would the date 'in books' be adorning your place card table?  Or better yet, swap numbers for letters and arrange the bride and groom's first initials!  Too cute for a bookish couple!!!

Found with the help of Alkeemi and Pinterest

Monday, February 21, 2011

Update: Mushroom Medley

Remember this post from last Thursday?  Check it out, Studio Choo let their fungi creations dry!  Dare I say it... they're even cooler!  And a quite spooky.  Love it

The Living Wall

Vertical gardens are blowing up (and completely blowing my mind)!  I spent most of last night researching them; indoor, outdoor, ornamental, agricultural, small scale, grandiose, private, public, eco-minded, conceptual, ect.  If you're interested in learning more, here are a few articles to get you started:

- DLF (a non-profit educational site) reviews 15 different different gardens, including a 43 foot vegetation covered puppy sculpture by Jeff Koons. 
Barefoot Floor's blog features some stunning interior garden walls and a couple buildings with a green exterior.
- If you're a New Yorker, check out Convert.   They specialize in sky gardens.  Their projects, from Park Ave. to Park Slope are stunning.  Plus, these green roof's garner a serious tax break!
- Also cool is window farming, made famous by Brooklynite Britta Riley.  Read more about her veggie crop on NPR.
- And, if you're considering a living wall of your own, check out vertical planting units at A Plus, The Green Head or visit the Window Farms site.

Top Photos:
- Garden Window illustration from the Window Farms Project
- Hydroponic window crops found on the NPR site

Bottom photos, left to right:
- The Musee du quai Branley, Paris
- Restaurant at the Pershing Hall Hotel, Paris
- Department store BVH Homme, Paris

A Presidential Morning

Did you have a nice weekend?  Off to a super Monday?

Unfortunately, I do not get President's Day off.  It seems that everyone else is curled up at home in bed (gauging from the traffic on the subway this morning).  But, I'm not letting that get me down.  Huge fluffy snowflakes are flitting by my window (soooo pretty).  And my cup of coffee is upping my perkiness with every sip.  Besides, I have lots to look forward to this week.  The parents are coming!!!

Photo by Jamie Katz

Friday, February 18, 2011

Four for Friday

Aren't you excited, FfF is here!  Time to dive in...

- In need of inspiration?  Just want to rest your weary eyes on something awesome?  Check out Grain Edit!  It's filled with classic design from the 50's-70's and contemporary designs that draw from retro influence.
- Post "In The Hot Seat" from Rue mag, is awesome!  I too loved the pre-fall Chacharel show (minus that stupid knit caps- sorry!!!) and I'm totally in fits over interiors company Pippa Caley (OMG, I want this lampshade)!
- I love all things botanica (yeah, you totally already knew that).  And yes, I have taken a pro-fesh florist crash course (minus the crashing, fortunatly).  But, Project Wedding's DIY bouquet instructional is so super!  It's fabulously specific but still leaves plenty of room for creativity. 
- The adorable blog Hello, Friend just begun the sweetest series, Handsome.  It's bit size interviews with the boys behind blogger babes.  Such a great idea!  Because behind every girl and her blog, is a wonderfully supportive guy.

One Fine (Fri) Day

Happy, happy Friday! 

Just a week ago I was lamenting about the weather, wistfully and half-heartedly planning my weekend.  How the tables have turned!  Today is a (positively balmy!) 66 degrees.  I'm nice and toasty and absolutely cheery!   (I wore shorts today!!!  Albeit, with tights and a cropped wool coat.  After all, it was still about 40 this morning.)

So, dear chickadees, I'm full of cheeky banter and bouncing through the day with spring in my step.  I'm overflowing with excitement; my sweet parents will be here in just a handfull o' days!  I'm taking most of next week off to spend time with them.  And, I just received a terrific text from my longest-had (of 15 years!) and dearest friend.  She just got a new job.  Congratulations Steph!!!  I wish I could celebrate with you!  (the entire country separates us- boo)

Have a fabulous President's Day weekend!

Photo via We Heart It

Deanna Staffo

This is the cutest illustration set!  There are more too, check out the entire collection of Deanna Staffo's What I Wore Today.  She has a diversified portfolio on her web site and lots of sketchbook doodles on Flickr.  She's also got a blog, Mischief and Madness, filled with tons of quirky bits.

Discovered via Color Collective

Owl Love

Fads bug me like crazy.*  Even animal fads.**  So... even though I adore owls (all birdies really) it just rubbed me the wrong way when they blew up.  But, I couldn't resist sharing a few recent finds.  I think they jumped out at me because I gave myself three brutal paper cuts yesterday and am using these bandages.***  Also, my iphone is newly covered in this Gelaskin.****

* For someone's who's livelihood depends on trends, I join the band wagon grudgingly.
**And I'm an animal nut (just ask my BF).  He'll tell you, NUT-SO.  Like, whoa!
*** I know... the fad is totally sucking me in.  When you wear bandages covered with cartoon owls, from Urban Outfitters, the game has been lost.
**** I'm hopeless.  100% team owl.

Photos, clockwise from left:
- Owl logo design by Luke Bott (he's got lots of other cute designs on his website too), via Fffound
- Photo found on Pinterest
- Illustrations by Josh Brill available for purchase at Lumadessa, via Ffffound

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mushroom Medley

Design Sponge has the most amazing feature on fungi centerpieces.  The posting comes from the floral designers at Studio Choo, and offers both some general mushroom info along with tips for creating your own movable fungi garden.  The photos from their "Mushroom Madness" identification walk with the Bay Area Mycological Society are incredible.  I had to force myself to practice good blogger etiquette and not scrape every single photo!  They're sooo beautiful!!!

Studio Choo has lots more prettiness posted on their blog, go check them out!  And, if you're in the bay area stop by their shop at Prairie Collective, on Divisadero St.  Pssst, they teach floral arrangement classes too!

Pretty Palette: Ocher, Fuschia & Bordeaux

Deep red, hot pinks and neutral yellow hues are so lusty; rich, vibrant, incredibly dynamic!  This palette was inspired by that catwalk shot on the lower right.  I nearly fell out of my seat when that two-tone sweater and ocher dirndl skirt opened onto my screen.  I mean, wowzers!  Tell me, you're getting blown away too?  Right?  Yeah.  I knew it.

Top photo from the Saipua blog

Below clockwise from left:
- Swatch from Inkaystickos
- Flowers from Sarah Rhyanen 's Flickr
- Look from Fall 2011 Sophie Theallet
- Beet 'hummus' from Simply Recipes
- Colorful mini plums from Poires au Chocolat

Jean Shin

I love this.  But, I'll let you in on something... I'm a shirt designer.  So, I suppose it's fitting.

Seams by Jean Shin, via Ffffound

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

3 Potato 4/ Enamel Turkish Pots

If you've stopped by w&w before, then you may know, I like:
1) Three Potato Four
2) Vintage pitchers
3) Enamel finishes
4) things Turkish
5) things colorful

Imagine my excitement to find Enamel Turkish Pots on Three Potato Four!!!  It's like all the loveliness in the galaxy came together in the embodiment of these darling petite-pots.  Hurry, they still have a variety of sizes and colors!

Pineapple Quinoa

I wanted to share this delectable photo with you (and brag a little).  This is my Valentine's Day dinner.  And, as I'm sure you can tell, it was really, super-duper, darn good!  The recipe came from the vegan cooking bible, Veganomicon.  This dish is a little time consuming and labor intense.  But, oh my goodness, it's tasty!  Full of things I LOVE; pineapple, red peppers, chillies, peas, garlic, basil, mint, ginger, lime, cashews, and a dousing of soy sauce!!!  Yum.


This "morbid take on the alphabet where fruits and vegetables are being killed" is so darn cute!  I included a few of my very favorites, but check out designer Philip Tseng's full series here.  I love that the carrot is getting julienned and that the orange is being juiced to death, so clever!  And look- that yam has a mustache!!! 

Tseng's site Mini Cubby has so much adorable-ness, I can hardly stand it.  Check out the nursery rhyme series and his original prints (the fat squirrels are too funny).

Discovered on Ffffound

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Turkish Delights

I stumbled upon the (super pretty) blog The Sphinx and The Milky Way about a week ago.  While combing the archives I found this incredible photo of Turkish candy (more here).  It implanted a serious hankering for savory sweets.  One which, alas, went unsatisfied.

But... this week my boss returned from traveling Europe and the fertile crescent.  He brought back French clothing and Turkish candy.  I'm in heaven... a chocolate covered pistachio-brittle heaven!  The French threads are nice too.

I found a recipe here that looks like it may come close to what I'm devouring.  Mmmm.

Steven Allen: Fall 2011

I'm loving the retro vibe of Steven Allen.  I'm so excited about these shift dresses, the heavy crochet lace, leopard prints, cotton velvet, and dusty jewel tones!  They remind me of these vintage vinyl covers, collected and archived by the owner of Jive Time Records; so hip!

The great thing about Steven Allen is, it so incredibly, absolutely, wonderfully wearable.  You can count on a perfect mix of classic prep and a pinch of fashion.  Attired thus, I feel so effortlessly cool,  And, the colors and fabrics are always yummy!  This fall, the line will be no exception to the rule. 

Record images found on Project Thirty Three (the most awesome collection of record jackets, ever!) and Steven Allen collection viewable on

Bike Love

Are you a cyclist?  Well, whether you use your bike to commute, for sport or just for the occasional joy ride I think this site may interest you, Brush and Spoke.  Their tag line is, "the art of a two wheel lifestyle".  Love it! 

Brush and Spoke is bursting with great illustration, graphic design and photography.  Every few days or so you'll find an addition to the art 'wall'.  They accept submissions.  So, if you have some especially awesome original artwork (bicycle subject required- duh), send them your goods!  If you make it on the wall, be sure to let me know!!!

Top Photo: In Our Hearts and On Our Minds, available in the  Etsy shop Broken Heart Social Club.  There are lots of other cute bike (and non-bike) prints and tees too!

Left to right: Fixed by Guilia Ripa, Love Bikes by Alexander Helbach and Protect Ya Neck graphic tee from Howies designed by Gavin Strange

Monday, February 14, 2011

Married for 50 Years; Love Ever After

My BF shared this Time photo essay with me, shot by Lauren Fleishmen.  I wanted to pass it along to all of you since it's so sweet (and appropriate for today).  The photo collection features 13 New Yorkers who've been married 50 years (or more!) and their love story.  I just adore the story about these two, Milton and Sylvia Zisman.  When the couple first met in the Catskills, Sylvia was a friend of Milton's (ex)girlfriend!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and is off to a great Monday.  My morning didn't get off to the greatest start*.  But I've got NY fashion week photos to oogle and a cozy dinner this evening to look forward to.  My BF is cooking, he's the best!

So, whether you're single or smitten, have a lovely V-day!  Smile a little more than usual.  Tell someone you love them.  I'm not into over-the top celebrations or audacious and cliche gifts.  But, to each his own.  I hope you enjoy today, however you choose to celebrate.

*There was an 'incident' on the train this morning, and instead of a 20 minute commute it look and hour and a half.  I'm trying to be more positive and will therefore cut my MTA rant in the bud.  Toodles for now, dear readers!

Beautiful heart collages by Leslie, of A Creative Mint

Friday, February 11, 2011

Four for Friday

Hi there lovelies!  It's that time again... Yell it loud.  What time is it?  Wha?  Can't hear you.  I said, WHAT TIME IS IT?!!! 

(online audience unites in chorus)  Four!  For!  Friday! 

Yep.  That's right.  Good job.  Here you go:

- Perhaps the most incredible cheesecake I've ever seen.  No other words.  Articulation, impossible.  Spellbound.  If you feel like taking on this baking challenge or are just curious (about those hazelnut candy toppers!) check out the recipe on Zoe Bakes.
- I'm seeing these lovely enamel lockets everywhere.  Gots t' gets me one!  You'll find them at Beklina, along with lots of other wonderful items.  Beklina's all about sustainable fashion and utilizing organically sourced materials.  Yay!
- Think she's pretty gal?  She is.  And her cooking blog What Katie Ate, is out-of-this-world crazy beautiful!  I want to live in there.  No joke.

- Have you heard, Anthropologie is officially launching their bridal line on Monday?!!!  BHLDN (Beholden) is oh-so pretty. Check out Joanna, 101 Layer Cake, Green Wedding Shoes, and Joy's coverage of the blogger-party debut in Philly.  I adore these two gowns and am waiting with baited breath for the full line of accessories. (Jewelry? Shoes? OMG!)

Take me Away

I think I was a little too exuberant, a little too winter gung-ho, early on. Because let me tell you, I'm feeling burnt out. Like charred. I think this weekend I'd like to go away.

Take me away... back to the late 60s. I'll wear a chic shift dress and pile my hair way up, atop my head (because that's just how I roll). I'll wander Beacon Hill (because well, Boston is my favorite place on earth). It will be late spring (because Boston in the winter is worse than New York in the winter). And I will marvel at the iron boot cleaners and cobblestones and brightly painted window shutters with boxes beneath, full of flowers. And it will be a wonderfully sublime weekend.

Daydreams aside, I'm sure it'll be a lovely weekend. I'm gonna rest up. Help the BF recover from a week-long flu (poor thing). I'll read and take hot baths. I'll wander Brooklyn, a little aimlessly, and well bundled up. You have a wonderful weekend too (and a enjoy a fantasy daydream version while you're at it)!

Photo from the Thomas Crown Affair, found on bluepoolroad

The Brain

What an incredible work space!  This creative laboratory was designed by Tom Kundig, of Olson Kundig, for an unnamed filmmaker.  Named "The Brain", this modern concrete box, outfitted with rustic steel mezzanine is awash with soft sunlight filtering in through dozens of paned windows.  And the views of Seattle's lush forest terrain are to die for!

Pretty Picture/ Jeremy Blincoe

Jeremy Blincoe's work is undeniably entrancing. I read about his most recent project over on Trend Land; "Wander and Wonder" where he photographs children in dream-like landscapes. Trend Land comments, "Blincoe does not force the story or explanation... these richly mysterious scenes are offered as prompts for our own imagination, out of which we are to find our own narratives." It's overtly lush and a little haunting, I just love!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Type Happy/ Bloob

True, it's not the most legible of typefaces.  I wouldn't want to read a novel in Bloob.  But then, that's not it's purpose.

I get lost in those undulating curves, I want to loop my finger around every coil.  Bloob reminds me of a soapy dish, a saucer covered in sudsy bubbles or a summer shoreline with swells and foam filled surf.

Typeface designed by Erik Erdokozi, found at Typography Served